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As a child, I loved playing Hop Scotch. In the late 50's my sister and I used rocks to mark out our Hop Scotch on the sidewalk, my parents didn't like the sight of chalk marks on the sidewalk. Our neighborhood was like one big family. If one of us was outside playing, it seemed like the whole neighborhood was there with us playing in a couple of minutes. If the weather turned bad, that was the end of playing this game. Hop Scotch has been around for many generations, but like us, they couldn't play it in the late fall, winter and early spring. No matter what the weather was like, you still couldn't play it inside. When my children were small, they played Hop Scotch. Now I have two grandchildren and my grandson has played Hop Scotch. So there definitely is still a demand for the game.

I thought about this game very seriously in 1988 and thought there should be a way children could play Hop Scotch both indoors and outdoors. It should be on a nonskid surface, and they should be able to have more than just numbers to the game, yet still be able to draw their own characters. They can be more creative, and be able to reuse or erase the drawings and start over. They should have a game that would last, be durable, and wouldn't take up much space to store when not in use. It needed to be lightweight, portable, and have bright colors. It needed to be an educational and fun learning game, reasonably priced. With these thoughts in mind, after four years of research, I came up with Hop and Learn.

Children love cartoon figures. I came up with the frog when I was working third shift. I had a co-worker that we called Roggy. So what rhymes with Froggy? Roggy. It hops. And Roggy was a very likable guy. He made us feel good. Oh yes! He wasn't green.

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